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Bioproperties Pty Ltd is a leading Australian novel vaccine research company, GMP manufacturer and global supplier of live vaccines to the intensively farmed food animal industry.

Announcing second International Avian Mycoplasma Conference

Friday 8th July - Brisbane, Australia
An additional day at the end of the IOM Conference
More details here

2nd International Symposium on Poultry Mycoplasmas
A continuation of successful meetings organized in Antwerp in 2014. Brisbane 8th July 2016 ... more
Call for abstracts


Bioproperties is headquartered in Melbourne with GMP vaccine manufacturing facilities in Glenorie NSW and research facilities at RMIT (Bundoora campus) and University of Melbourne (Werribee campus) ...more


Bioproperties is a privately owned Australian entity, incorporated in 1989 and strongly positioned to continue its growth in Australia and progressively bring more live vaccines to local and international markets ...more